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Application for Access to the High-Performance Computing System

If you wish to apply for access to our system you must be a member or guest of Freie Universität Berlin and must have a vaild FU account.

Important! Please take notice of the following points!

  • Please apply for access only for yourself!
  • A welcome mail will be sent to <your_username>@zedat.fu-berlin.de. We shall also send other information to this address, so you must therefore read mail sent there regularly or set up forwarding to another address.
  • If you process personal data on the HPC system, then you must ensure that the necessary data protection requirements are in place. We can help you with this process.

Normally you will receive a welcome mail within 24 hours.  After your access has been set up, you can log in via SSH. Please note that, in accordance with the ZEDAT User Regulations, you are forbidden to allow a third party to use your account to access systems belonging to Freie Universität Berlin.

If 4 weeks after your access has been set up, you have never logged into the HPC system, your access will be terminated automatically.  If this happens and you still want to use the HPC system, please just apply again.

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Do not enter an email address here, but rather the username with which you log into, say, the ZEDAT Portal.  This is the name you will also use to log into the HPC system. If you have both a standard FU account and a project FU account, please enter the username of the standard FU account.

This person should be an employee of the FU, usually a professor.  If this is not the case, please contact us before you apply for HPC access.

A copy of the application will also be sent to this address.

e.g. number of cores, amount of RAM or disk space

A publication is a paper which appears in an academic journal as well as any form of university thesis (bachelor's, master's or doctoral thesis).  In general it is sufficient to provide the DOI of the work and, if available, an appropriate graphic.

Personal data are data which are related to a specific person.  This includes information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, as well as sensitive data such as medical data or data regarding ethnicity.  It is not a question of whether you own the data or not, but one regarding the content of the data.

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